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Quality Guarantee

Every product is backed by a 1-year guarantee for any quality issues.

Competitive Price

Due to our batch manufacturing, we will have a lower price with best quality machines.

Technical Support

When a breakdown occurs, our technicals are on call for both online & onsite correction.

Expert Solutions

We will provide you professional expert suggestions for your required machine.

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About our company

Nanjing Rucheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern management enterprise producing all kinds of ordinary and NC bending machines, plate shears, laser cutting machines and supporting knives and molds. The company has a number of knowledgeable and young teams dedicated to the development of sheet metal processing machine tools.


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The industries used by the products have expanded to many industries such as air duct manufacturing, automobile industry, container production, building materials industry, hardware and household appliances industry, furniture production and decoration engineering. We believe that only by guaranteeing excellent product quality and good after-sales service can our customers trust us for a long time.

Popular products

Years of forging production experience, strong enterprise strength

Products are widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, medical equipment, hardware processing, etc.